Specialized care of dry and tired-looking skin (60-75min)


Depending on the client's skin type, age and skin structure the beautician chooses the right product line. The treatment involves surface and deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping and further care with chosen cosmetic product line.

I. WINE THERAPY: With the help of a beneficent moisturising complex, grape seed oil, white grappa and champagne extract, it provides rich, moisturising and restorative care of the face. It stimulates the natural functioning of the skin and softens the premature signs of aging.

II. WIN UP-LIFT: With refined ice wine it softens and firms the skin; stimulates skin regeneration and intensively protects it from moisture loss. This cosmetic product line is most suitable for dry and haggard skin, which faces the appearance of fine wrinkles and deep wrinkles.

III. PURE OXYGEN: Care with PURE OXYGEN products that contain pure oxygen helps the skin to “breathe” again. After the treatment the skin is rejuvenated; pink, wilful, rested and looks a lot younger.

IV. NEURO-SENSITIVE: Neuro-sensitive product line works on the basis of biomimetic pentapeptide, which significantly reduces the response of hyperactive receptors in the skin to stress factors. As a result it relieves irritation (unpleasant tension, itching, stinging, burning sensation...) and reduces skin sensitivity.

V. PERFECT CODE: Rejuvenating effects of four biomimetic peptides built into a formula of Perfect Code facial care line present a developmental innovation in the world-wide field of cosmetology. A combination of highly concentrated derma-cosmetic ingredients activates the skin cells to start behaving as if they were younger! It has a triple moisturising effect and provides effective anti-pollution protection.

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Specialized care of dry and tired-looking skin (60-75min) 37,00

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